Thursday, August 4, 2016

Getting Started with Seesaw

Have you considered using Seesaw in your classroom this school year, but not sure how to get started? Let me help you!  Seesaw allows for students to create a student driven digital portfolio. What are the benefits?

Seesaw is available on the following devices:

Convinced? Okay! Let’s get started!
Once you arrive to the website, you will be prompted to create an account.

Once you create your account it is time to create your class and decide how students will login.

Think about how you want your students to log in. If you are a primary teacher (K/2), I highly suggest the QR code option. Students sign in using the QR Class Code. Students choose their name from the class list to add items to their journal. Keep a few copies of the code around your classroom for easy accessibility to students in case for some reason they log out. You will receive an email with a code specific to your class, be sure to check for it.
It’s as simple as that!

Now you are ready to add students and icons to represent them.

Watch this video for in depth details.
(It is only 5 minutes and full of information!)
Now let’s add folders to your class. Folders are a great way to organize student work by subject areas or any way you wish. It is beneficial to color code your folders. My students would ask, “Which color do you want me to put this in?”, before long they knew orange was math, blue was ELA, purple was Morning Work, etc.

To add folders you will tap menu> manage classes>manage folders. Type folder name and select color. Tap the green check to save. You may add additional folders.

Watch the video for additional info about folders.
 (It’s less than 3 minutes!)

Now grab a device and sign up.
 Come back by soon for how to get your
students & parents started on Seesaw!
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