Friday, August 4, 2017

Setting Backgrounds in Pic Collage

Pic Collage has empowered my students and allowed them to be creative and show what they know. I strive for my little learners to be successful with implementing technology.  A way to do so is offering templates set as the background within the application Pic Collage. Though Primary aged students are very capable of using technology in the classroom, they often need defined areas to show their thinking. If you are wondering how this is done check out the steps below.

I prefer to send templates to my students via Seesaw. Select the image and select the green submit button until the image shows in the feed view. Once in the feed view students will select the image and upload to their camera roll. Airdrop is also a great way to send images to students as well. Once saved to their camera roll students will be able to access within Pic Collage to set as background using steps above. 

These graphic organizers have been a game changer with my students by allowing them to express their thoughts using Pic Collage and Epic Books for Kids. Check them out!

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